Christmas of course, what else would we be referring to? I know you’re fed up with hearing it already.

I thought it was worth putting out there in the context of aesthetics as I see two definite shifts in my business during the year; summer and Christmas. I often have regular clients adding one or two treatments to their list when they see me at these times of the year. It gets me thinking how we put pressure on ourselves to be our best in everything at this time of year. I make sure my clients are ready for that extra treatment, not just because it’s December.

At Christmas, we expect ourselves to be as bright and shiny as the baubles on the Christmas tree! Each year, I think I shall not fall for it, not again – but of course, I do too.

This blog isn’t about giving any advice, it’s more about sharing that I understand and feel the pressure too, to get everything just ‘so’. Maybe we should all just focus on one or two things this year when it comes to our confidence in how we look. Maybe go through your wardrobe, have a clear out and add a few bits in to mix and match to feel the festive glam. Or give your hair a few treatments to get it feeling healthy and looking shiny and buy some new nail varnish. Get a good body exfoliator and treat yourself to a massage in between the mayhem.

In terms of aesthetics, a chemical peel is always a great refresher just before the festivities and lots of people opt for these, but if you don’t have time, don’t panic – save it until the new year and face 2020 with more time for your skin.

January could in fact be your ideal time to start off a new treatment, experiment with what works for you in 2020 not just in December. We want you to feel ‘Your Best You’ all year around…so all we shall say now is Keep Calm and remember, it’s only the C word!