You’ve probably heard us going on about our lovely brands Jan Marini and Teoxane – yes, we are biased! North Downs Aesthetics was born out of a want to make the best of the features we are given and these products help us to do this, not only for our clients, but for practitioners too! We wouldn’t use anything on our clients that we wouldn’t use on ourselves and didn’t believe worked and showed results.

So what’s so special about them? Good question…

First, let’s talk about Jan Marini Skin Research (even Meghan Markle has said she “I love Jan Marini Skin Care products” in Allure Magazine) and we wholeheartedly agree. The Jan Marini range of Skin Care products has won beauty awards year after year and the judge’s comments were: “It’s one of the most effective and powerful ways to ward off the most common signs of aging – lines, wrinkles and sun damage – and fast.” The Californian brand is a recognised leader and innovator in skin care and they focus on measurable results. We see the results the brands give our clients and we are proud to be the only stockist in Maidstone. We use Jan Marini products for our chemical peels and their whole range compliments an ongoing skincare regime to maintain the best health. They also have a great before/after picture page on their main website.

Our other absolute favourites are Teoxane Skincare Revolution and Juverderm – both leading brands of hyaluronic acid facial fillers. We use this excellent Swiss product Teoxane and the UK’s leading product Juvederm recommended by doctors for our dermal and lip fillers. This means that not only do our clients get great results, but they can trust the brand to get it right. This is your face – you need to be assured of what is being used! The founder of Teoxane is also a woman and we love her ethos: “In today’s world, beauty is no longer a question of age. Women want their beauty to last into the future and reflect their personalities. As a woman, I also share the same concerns.” For Juvederm, the world’s leading brand, 96% of patients have been immediately pleased with their results and they have a great tool on their website where you can visualise your look using the products.

So yes, we are passionate about our brands, so please forgive us if we talk about them ever such a lot. We know they work and are proud to use them in our clinic. These are our top three ‘go to’ products, but if you have a brand that you know has worked for you previously – just let us know!