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How skin ages

When you are young your skin is constantly being moisturised from within by hyaluronic acid which When you are young your skin is constantly being moisturised from within by hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring sugar.

Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture and keeps the skin hydrated which produces that youthful look we all like to have.

Over the years however, our skin loses hyaluronic acid therefore, the skin becomes dryer and loses volume which is why we get wrinkles and folds starting to appear.

Obviously there are other factors that contribute to the ageing process like smoking for example, the sun, pollution and of course gravity all of which helps pull the face down resulting in folds appearing.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a great way to give your skin a spring clean lift and improve its condition without invading your day they are aptly described as the ‘lunch time peel.’

We use the Jan Mairni Skin Research Glycolic Peels, one of the best technological advances for skin care. The Glycolic acid reduces the build-up of cells at the lower levels of the skin and loosens the glue-like cellular cement that is present in skin that is ageing, causes acne, sun damage, skin discolouration or a coarse texture.

The facial procedure will resurface the skin giving dramatically softer, smoother texture, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles and reduced scarring. After just a few weeks, your skin will look brighter, clearer and for those of you who suffer with dry skin,, it will become hydrated and smooth. It’s a great treatment if you want to look your best for an event, holiday, or just feel more radiant.

The benefits of the peel is that there’s no ‘down time’ – make-up can be applied straight after and normal activities can carry on after treatment.


Glycolic resurfacing peel

This treatment resurfaces and clarifies skin texture, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and fades the appearance of discolouration to even skin tone.

Glycolic resurfacing peel luminate

The Glycolic and luminate resurfacing is an accelerated facial treatment and incorporates two effective topical exfoliants. The combination of glycolic acid and lightening agents progressively reduce the appearance of spots and discoloration whilst also exfoliating the skin and gently removing dull, dry skin for a more hydrated radiant glow.

Glycolic resurfacing peel enzyme

The glycolic and enzyme resurfacing is an accelerated facial treatment that incorporate two effective topical exfoliates. The combination of glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes safely intensifies the resurfacing action and provides measurable results for a virtually any skin type. This peel is especially good for those that suffer with congested skin, blackheads and redness.

Glycolic resurfacing peel retinol

This treatment resurfaces and provides skin refining effects for greater smoothness and hydration. This peel will assist with helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

*Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Glycolic Peel) is derived from sugar cane and has the smallest molecular structure of the AHA family that can penetrate the skin more effectively than other Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It is not absorbed into the body and will not cause any systemic side effects like chemicals used in other peels.