So you’ve made the decision to book in a treatment but you don’t necessarily want your friends and family to know. You’re really pleased with the outcome and you’ve received some compliments of ‘you’re looking well’ but what’s stopping you from sharing the reason why?

More and more society judges us for what we do. Judging us for looking old, judging us for being overweight, for being too vain, wonky brows, wrinkles, greying hair – the list is endless. It’s natural for everyone to be self-critical about the way they look, particularly as they age and they can see their youth slipping away in the mirror.

We’ve all seen the celebrities who have had breast enlargements and we all know, even when they deny it. Yet wouldn’t we just have a little bit more respect if they said ‘Yeah, I have! Everything went south after the kids, so why not?’

A North Downs Aesthetics client shares her experience of keeping her botox treatment quiet with some friends while being explicit with another.

“I didn’t even tell my husband I was getting botox, firstly, he’d probably interrogate why I needed it and then baulk at the cost. So I thought I’d keep it to myself and see what reaction I got. He didn’t notice at first. I could see the amazing effects within weeks and knew it was something I was going to keep up. It was about my own self-confidence. I had a deep frown line appearing and I wanted it gone!

“It was a friend who first noticed. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of a crowded room where she loudly pronounced that I’d had something done and couldn’t work out what it was. I didn’t fancy ‘outing’ my treatment to a dozen or so people, so I lied through my teeth and said I’d bought some new make-up. I must admit, I did feel a bit of a fraud after.

“I had a totally different reaction with another friend whose fresh face always belied her actual age. When we met up, she said how well I looked and I laughed and said ‘that will be the botox’. She then said how she needed to get hers done and gave me a list of other minor things that she’d had done. It was like entering a secret club of aesthetics. She didn’t look fake or frozen, just a darn good version of herself. It was good to speak about it and see how in reality, different treatments work on different people. It also turns out we’d both used North Downs Aesthetics!

“I will tell my other friend in time, maybe in a more private meeting – but it is quite interesting who you chose to tell and who you don’t. My husband now knows as generally I am a terrible liar. I was surprised about how interested he was and not bothered at all!”

Celebrities who have admitted to botox treatments include Cindy Crawford, who has also had vitamin injections and says that even though she leads a healthy life and works out, she owes the quality of her skin to her cosmetic surgeon.

Botox was the most popular treatment in 2018 and more than 6 Million treatments are done each year. Halle Berry is another openly botox user and Cameron Diaz believes that aesthetic treatments work if it makes people feel better about themselves.

Treatments such as dermal-needling are more accepted because people have it done for scarring, so there is more empathy. But in essence, it is still at treatment with the purpose of making your features look clearer and fresher.

It’s a personal thing on whether you chose to speak about your treatment or not. We don’t lie about having our hair dyed and covering up grey or our natural colour. But we live in a society where people are quick to judge, but generally most people are more open to someone shares the truth and says “Hell yeah, I’m not going to accept defeat with ageing. I’ll keep looking fresh for as long as I can.”

Let us know what reactions you have got from friends and family who you have shared your treatment secrets with or whether you will always keep it schtum and just lap up those compliments putting it down to good genes!