Dermal needling is gaining lots of attention in the skincare world for its effective results on regenerating collagen and it’s our newest treatment to the clinic.

Effectively, you are stabbing your skin, with thousands of teeny tiny puncture wounds to traumatise it.


Because the skin will start to go into recovery mode. This means that its response is to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. This in turn plumps the skin, stretches it and refreshes it too.

While the skin is open, the needle also pushes in anti-oxidant serums, vitamins and hyaluronic acid depending on the patients’ skin needs.

It’s really popular for those who have suffered with their skin in the past with acne or those who want to minimise appearance of fine lines and re-hydrate their overall skin tone.

One of our clients Vicki, tried dermal needling for the first time. She said:

‘I had terrible acne as a teenager and still have the occasional break out, so I was keen to see what it would do for me. I had the numbing cream on, so it didn’t hurt at all, but the vibrations did feel strange. It made me sneeze, which apparently can be quite common, depending where the nerves are in your face. I’m just about to have my second treatment, but so far, I like the results that I’ve seen. I’ll let you know how my skin is after three treatments!’

Dermal needling is a treatment which you spread across time to allow the skin to recover and regenerate, most results are seen after the course of three treatments and for quite some time after as the collagen keeps regenerating itself.

After an initial consultation, Debbie will always be honest about what she feels is the best course of treatment for your skin and it may be dermal needling, or it could be a chemical peel – she will assess which treatment she feels will get you the best results.

If you are already a customer of North Downs Aesthetics, speak to Debbie to see if she is running any early bird offers for existing clients on the derma-needling while it is still new in clinic.